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Cut Down 

We have a large variety of Venetian Blinds to suit most windows. Most commonly the 63mm Faux wood Venetians. All these variations of Venetian blinds can be cut down, MAXIMUM 15cm's off, to fit perfectly into the required installation space. We can work with nearly all Venetian blinds.

We can cut these blinds onsite so there is no need for us to take the blinds away. Please make sure you get blinds that have a larger width than the required installation area. Blinds that have a substantially larger drop (Height more than 5cm) will need a "Drop" done  (removal of excess slats and reattach and balance base rail). Drops are $15 per blind and in some cases are not necessary.

We have cut tens of thousands of these blinds, our blind alteration cut can be indistinguishable from the manufacturers giving you that custom made look at a faction of the price.

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