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Drop Off Your Blinds To Us
& Pick Them Up Later

Drop your blinds off to our addresses in Sydney or Melbourne and get a perfect alteration service guaranteed. We have altered hundreds of thousands of blinds and are happy to assist you to get the exact alteration so your blind fits as perfectly as a custom-made solution. This service takes 1-5 working days.

It's common for a lot of packaged blinds to have components missing (roughly 1 in 20), we have plenty of spare parts and in some cases can compensate for these missing parts free of charge. This is not regarding all parts and we will let you know of any additional costs for parts, otherwise chasing this up with the retailer will usually result in them supplying the missing parts for free. We are always committed to being 100% transparent in this process and are delicate with how we unpack and process each blind.

This drop off alteration service takes 1-5 days

Drop off is available 7am-7pm Mon-Sat


Sydney - 145A Garden St, North Narrabeen

Melbourne - 4 Yilleen Close, Thomas Town

Please notify us at-least 9 hours before dropping off your products

If you would like us to purchase the blinds for you, if not in stock locally to us, this is subject to delivery costs and times, you must give us at-least 3 working days to place the order.

Custom Made Roller Blinds Cut To Size
Double Rollr Blinds Customised To Suit Your Needs
Packaged Double Roller Blinds | Onsite Blinds

Prices As Followed

- $40 Per Blind Cut Down

- $30 per venetian drop

- For us to pre purchase blinds from Spotlight or Bunnings $60 for 1-4 blinds - $100 for 5-10 blinds - $10 for every blind after 10

- On-the-spot (same-day) service is $60 per blind cut down and $50 per venetian drop - Waiting times vary depending on workload

Note: For pre purchased blinds if items are not in stock for pick up at one store local to us, prices are subject to delivery fees and double roller blinds are counted as 1 blind for single packaging purposes. For the cut down service, double roller blinds are counted as 2 blinds. This service is only for packaged roller blinds and faux wood or timber venetian blinds. Most venetians have a max 15cm that can be reduced in width. All prices are subject to GST.

Venetian Blind Alteration Blinds Done Professionaly | Onsite Blinds
Spotlight Packaged Roller Blinds Customised To Perfection | Onsite Blinds
Packaged Blinds Customised | Drop Off Service | Onsite Blinds

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