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Ready-Made Blinds Customised To Your Measurements

We customise and alter ready-made packaged blinds to fit your windows giving you the custom made look at a fraction of the cost.

We specialise in cutting down Spotlight Blinds, Bunnings Blinds & Ikea Blinds. Plus we are the masters of curtain installations.

Simply purchase your ready-made size blinds or curtains that are larger than the window, contact us and we will organise the size alterations for a seamless fit

Professional Blind Cut Downs at $50 Each

Cut professionally to 100% accuracy. Your blinds are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your window dimensions. This allows you to save $ without having to buy expensive custom made blinds. Prices are subject to GST.

Our Servuces

Book The Service That Suits You

You Drop The Blinds To Us For Cut Down

We Come To You & Cut Down The Blinds At Yours Plus installation Services



I've used Onsite Blinds a few times now. They have a great service. They've saved me lots of time and money.


Get a FREE consultation over the phone

We are here to help. Some Blind Solutions cannot be known without experience, so why not ask an Expert? There has never been an Installation we could not do.

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SPOTLIGHT Blind Cut Down

Simply Drop your blinds to us and we will alter your blinds to fit. Get a perfect fit and custom made look. Roller Blinds, Venetians...

Blind Cut Down Service

We have customized thousands of Bunnings Blinds. We will have your blinds altered and installed within a week ...

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