Roller Blind

Cut Down

Roller Blinds can come in a few variations including: View Screen, Light Filter & Block Out. All these variations of roller blinds can be cut down to fit perfectly into the required installation space. We can work with nearly all roller blinds and they can be shortened down to any width. We strongly recommend we do the installation of the roller blind to account for small variations that may require adjustments in the installation of the bracketing.

We can cut these blinds onsite so there is no need for us to take the blinds away. Please make sure you get blinds that have a larger width than the required installation area and also a larger drop (Height) from where the blind is installed to how low the blind will go down. We only alter the width of the blind as alterations to the drop (Height) are unnecessary.

We have cut tens of thousands of these blinds, our blind alteration cut can be indistinguishable from the manufacturers giving you that custom made look at a faction of the price.

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